Top 5 Ways to Incorporate Signage into your Wedding


Scrolling Pinterest you’ll find hundreds of inspiration photos of event signage. On top of that, there are dozens of different mediums you could use. It’s easy to get lost in the scroll and feel overwhelmed. I’ve gathered my top 5 types of signs I like seeing at wedding.

5. The Welcome Sign. I can’t get enough of a strong welcome station. It greets your guests and can help set the tone for your event. Think of it like a sneak peek of what’s to come as they enter you venue. We offer a beautiful hand painted Welcome sign from my dear friend Rachael at Lookswise. She has custom option too which can include date or family name! What I love about the idea of a custom welcome sign is that you could totally supply your guests with sharpies or paint pens and have them sign it upon arrival as a sweet alternative to a traditional guest book.

Lookswise Custom Welcome Sign
Lovely sign created by Lookswise for HER wedding!

4. Menu Board. Okay, so I know when we attend a wedding we’re there to celebrate the love of two people who are near and dear to us. But lets be honest, one of the best parts of the wedding is the food. Am I right? Instead of spending a fortune on getting individual menus printed for the place setting, consider a sign with your delicious menu written out. An oversized chalkboard, vintage window, or beautiful mirror would inform your guests of what they’re about to eat and get their mouths watering. Check with your caterer, they might even offer signage with your package which is one less thing you have to worry about!

Mirror waiting its beautiful hand lettered menu.

3. Chair Signs. So these maybe aren’t all that practical but more so for the cute photo ops. I’ve seen some really cute versions from the classic “Mr & Mrs”  “Bride Groom” and “Better Together” Or get cheeky and go with a “Mr Right” and “Mrs. Always Right” sign which is a guaranteed smile.

Mr Right, Mrs Always Right

2. Hashtag Sign. I wish I were clever enough to come up with one of those super smart hashtags for my events. #SamsNiftySixty was probably the best I could come up with for my dad’s 60th birthday but even that was result of a quick google search. But what I love about using hashtags to commemorate an event, especially a wedding, it allows to you get a glimpse of all those special little moments that you might have missed. It also helps you connect with new friends you may have met on the dance floor or in the Photo Booth. Selfie!

Sams Nifty Sixty
My Dad in his birthday Photo Booth.

And my favorite type of sign to incorporate into your wedding decor…

1. Bar Signs! Are you surprised? You could treat the bar sign as a menu, indicate simply the location of the bar, but I think my new favorite trend I’m seeing are the signature drink options for both him and her. I love it even more on acrylic! I’ve seen on Instagram from hand letter artists I follow some amazing work. They even create a little doodle of the signature cocktail. CHEERS!

That wraps up my Top 5 list of signs I like to see at weddings. What are your favorites? Have you seen any cool or different types of signs at weddings you’ve been to this summer? Leave me a comment below!

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